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Hello there!

My name is Hannah Hill!

I'm an actor, singer, and intermediate aerialist from Central AR who now lives in NYC!  In my free time you can find me hanging upside down doing circus activities, practicing my Cher impression, or reading a good book. My favorite state I've performed in is "fer sure" North Dakota, my favorite area of tech is definitely props (it's like professional DIY! Need I say more?), and a random fact about me is that I just found out a couple months ago in 2022 that I have scoliosis (my back curves 39 DEGREES and I had no idea...). I love helping create a space for others to get lost in for a couple of hours and making others laugh! 



BFA in Musical Theatre

Character Performer


Aerial Silks/Lyra

Ouachita Baptist University 2020

Founding Artistic Director

Drama Instructor

“There were way too many good performances for me to cite in this review, but some of these performances come from Hannah Hill who’s a lovable motormouth as Rusty and, man, can she belt out a tune, especially the show’s namesake number and “Let’s Hear it For the Boy”.” 

- Chris’ Corner, about Hannah’s performance in Footloose

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