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Hannah Hill, a multi-talented artist based in Manhattan, is recognized for her unwavering optimism, powerhouse vocals, and heartfelt dedication to her craft as a singer, actor, and aerialist.


Hannah is originally from Alexander, AR where growing up she wanted NOTHING to do with the spotlight. Hannah spent her time playing sports and avoiding it as long as she possibly could. However, when her music teacher discovered she could sing and gave her a solo in the spring musical when she was eight years old, shy Hannah discovered her creative outlet. Hannah got involved immediately in singing in her school’s band at chapel while also learning to play a little bit of keyboard, bass, mandolin, and guitar. 

In High School, Hannah nurtured her passion for music by actively participating in Choir, achieving remarkable success with multiple placements in All Region and All State competitions in Arkansas. She never thought she could have a career in singing until one of her classmates convinced her to audition for the Spring musical of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and she got cast as Sally. After that incredible experience, Hannah took a leap of faith and auditioned for a scholarship, ultimately being awarded one to attend Ouachita Baptist University.

Hannah continued to grow in school and made her first professional debut with the Brownville Village Theatre in 2019. She graduated with her BFA in Musical Theatre in the pandemic in 2020. Although Hannah lost multiple jobs because of this, she didn’t let that get her down. She decided to join the circus where she discovered her love for Aerial Silks. She fell in love with artistry and escapism it provided for her and ultimately another beautiful way to tell stories. She’s been training ever since and hopes to eventually teach others to soar to new heights (pun intended) as teacher!

Since then, Hannah has performed professionally all over the US in Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. A dream of Hannah’s is to have performed in all 50 states one day. Hannah also has found deep appreciation for directing, where she can bring her unique perspective to the creative process.

She is renowned among her castmates and colleagues for ​for her vibrant personality that illuminates the room, spreading joy and positivity wherever she goes. Hannah loves to tell stories and finds such joy in collaboration and forming deep connections and lasting friendships along the way!

When she isn’t working, you can find Hannah writing, reading, in the air on her silks, practicing her Cher impression or playing the guitar!



BFA in Musical Theatre

Character Performer


Aerial Silks/Lyra

Ouachita Baptist University 2020

Founding Artistic Director

Drama Instructor

“Hannah is a fantastic performer…charming, versatile; as well as a great, collaborative company member.”

“Hannah is a fantastic performer…charming, versatile; as well as a great, collaborative company member.”

Will Trice, an accomplished theatre producer who has received multiple Tony Awards for his various productions, among other accolades. He is currently the executive artistic director of the Arkansas Repertory Theatre

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